Skinny Guy Build Muscle

>>> Here’s the step by step skinny guy build muscle workout plan <<<


How quickly can a skinny guy build muscle?

Just ask Vince Delmonte – or ‘Skinny Vinny’ as he used to be known.

He’s living proof that anyone can pack muscle on fast.

Just follow the free ‘skinny’ exercise plan for fourteen days and see how much muscle weight you put on.

Just try it. Fourteen days – what have got to lose? (Get it at the bottom of the page.)

8 things every skinny guy needs to know:

All the answers are here on my blog

1. The difference between compound and isolation exercises (one of them bulks you up quickly, the other doesn’t).

2. The number you need to multiply your weight by to put on weight in muscle and keep the fat to a minumum.

3. The times of day when your body uses everything it eats to build and grow.

4. Why breakfast is the most important meal in the world for skinny guys.

5. How to naturally increase testosterone – the bad boy of muscle building. Without it, you’ll get nowhere.

6. The three foods to avoid at all costs.

7. Knowing what cortisol is and how to reduce it – if you’re skinny you probably have too much of it.

8. How much muscle you can realistically put on in a week.

Click here and get the answers right now in my blog!

And here’s an easy way to motivate yourself – just involves a pen and paper…

Vince DelMonte Workout 

Before Vince Delmonte was a ripped muscular successful fitness model champion he was a 149lb skinny guy – ‘Skinny Vinny’ to his friends. Girls just called him scrawny. Constant name calling and sniggering at his skinny physique drove him crazy. Sound familiar?

He had no succes at all packing on muscle. His ‘all out training’ lasted just over week before he was burnt out and aching all over. He thought that he’d be skinny no matter how hard he tried to build his muscle. It was just too much of an uphill battle – until one day a chance meeting in a church (divine intervention?) changed his life. His new mentor gave him a workout plan that changed his life forever.

What was different about this plan? How could it make a skinny guy build muscle so quickly? It worked because it turns normal muscle building convention on its head. Believe it or not, he got his ripped body by halving his time in his gym.

His ‘new’ workout routine got him from 149lbs to 190lbs in 24 weeks. And that gain was pure muscle:41 pounds, in 24 weeks!

His ripped body gave him a major boost (now there’s a surprise). His friends were amazed at his transformation. Now, instead of hot girls calling him scrawny when he took his shirt off at the beach he got all the female attention he could handle.

Vince has since gone on to win fitness modeling championships and achieve major success in life and jokes that his new nickname is the ‘skinny guy savior’, which is pretty much spot on: he has helped over 80,000 people around the world to achieve their goals of building muscle.

Unsurprisingly, Vince shared his amazing muscle building program, and it is now the #1 selling and highest rated online muscle building program. If your skinny, and you want to build muscle fast without spending every spare second in the gym, you won’t go wrong with Vinny’s program.

It’s a simple step by step guide through the workout routines, how many sets to do, how many reps to do (you’ll be surprised – it’s not conventional) and give you meal plans which give your body all the nutrients it needs for muscle growth.

But here’s the best part. He puts his money where his mouth is. If it doesn’t get you the results you want he offers a no questions asked, full 60 day money back guarantee. It’s becuase of this I tried the program – and I’m as Skinny as they come. It worked wonders for me – and still is. I’ve gone from a skinny guy to ‘built’. Another few weeks and I can’t wait to post my pictures online (before and after).

Of course, I’m biased because it’s worked wonders for me, but if you want to pack on muscle fast – give it a go.

It’s not just a muscle building plan, it’s full of stuff like:

  • Critical elements that are crucial to building muscles (like….rest. Really)
  • Muscle building foods that enhance steady muscle growth
  • Weight programs that will help you gain pounds of muscle in muscle in 2 weeks ( I did this!)
  • How to optimize muscle growth hormones (this is key to bulk fast)
  • The nutritional benefits contained in natural foods which help build muscle
  • Step by step approach to the perfect 6 packs (this is probably what Vince is best know for)
  • Weekly weight training routines which are personally used by worldwide celebrities
  • Learn the anabolic secrets of muscle gain (this one is a biggie is making a huge difference to me)
  • Tips to boost your metabolic rate – Vinny uses every trick in the book
  • Pick the best exercises to build your body frame

Want to try it out? Just try the fourteen day plan. There’s a collection of Vinny’s exercises and tips – put them together and you’ll build muscle, get a six pack and change your life to be honest. Just give it a go like I did – what have you to lose?

Here’s the plan ‘Skinnie Vinnie’ used.

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