Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys

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Some Of The Best Weight Gainers For Skinny Guys

1. Eat big from now on – and make sure everyday is ‘money in the muscle building bank’.

For a skinny guy to build muscle one of the first things you need to do everyday is ‘bank’ extra calories. Your body needs right raw materials to do the job – build muscle. Burn off what you’re eating and your body has nothing to work with – you won’t grow an ounce of muscle.

Men can eat around 2,500 calories daily. But the truth is, to bulk you’ve got to get calorie positive, everyday. So don’t be afraid of putting on blubber. Add at least 500 calories on a daily basis to help you start gaining weight. Don’t forget, you won’t get fat with a healthy diet but you will bulk up.

2. Tone all that added body mass you have gained.

Tone? What a joke. You’re looking to get big right? Forget toning. To tone, you need to be big. Just concentrate on getting big. Do this with compound exercises – there the ones that bulk your body rather than the mirror muscles. Check out the blog for a list of these.

3. Develop stamina by executing exercises that have different difficulty levels.

Stamina? Where did I get this list from. Forget Stamina. You want to go for hypertrophy – that’s what creates muscle size. Lifting really heavy weights will get you strong, not big. Lifting lots of weights lots of times will build endurance – but not size. Go for hypertrophy. Look on the blog you’ll see to hit it you’ve got to lift 7 x 3 sets. Anything else and you’re not training for size.

4. Sleep at least eight hours daily to increase your natural healing capacity.

SOunds dull – but it’s true. Here’s the biggie: growth hormones are released during sleep. So sleeping well gives you a better supply of growth hormones – and testosterone, the daddy of muscle building.


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